Welcome to WHERE IN THE BIBLE. This Bible resource is built on three solid components; a precision search engine, a dynamic Bible reading area with the entire Bible in text(KJV) and audio(UKJV), and an extensive Bible reference page.
              The Bible search function is built on an exact wording algorithm. Search features such as the AND, OR, and BUT NOT options allow for high precision of search. To further enhance your search you will have the ability to search within the scope of the whole Bible or only specific books grouped by categories.
              As you move to the Read page, you can read the books of the Bible or listen to the Bible read to you in the Updated King James Version(UKJV) audio format. The natural sounding digital voice brings the words to life. On the read page, you will also find the words of Jesus highlighted in red and your search terms highlighted in teal. Last but not least, on the reference page, you will find a comprehensive list of all the men, women, places, and significant timeline events in the Bible. The reference list is truly exhaustive, see for yourself. Once again welcome, and enjoy!

Special Thanks and Acknowledgements

             We would like to give a very special thanks to the Christian Community at TalkJesus Forum for helping with development ideas and quality testing of the website. Many of the improvements on this site is due to the help of this wonderful community of believers. Acknowledgements also go to Bible GateWay and BibleHub for serving as research resources. In regards to some of the technical work, acknowledgments go to GitHub for providing the source code for the Bible text and FromTextToSpeech whose platform was used to convert the Bible text to audio/speech. The project stands on the shoulders of many who supported and we give God all of the glory.

Web Master Technical Support
              To report webpage errors, request technical support, offer suggestions, or any other comments/questions, contact our Webmaster.